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Hi, My name is Rayshan Clark, I am Owner and Operator of Rays Mobility. Since a very young age I was always amazed by the body and it's complex nature, constantly intrigued by the functionality as a single cohesive unit.  This led me to pay closer attention to my overall health and all the things I could start doing to increase my health span. I quickly realized that lifestyle choices is a key contributor.This led me to pursue undergraduate degree in Human Biology with a minor in Kinesiology. I am currently working towards my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I started Rays Mobility to help others improve their lifestyle through guided movement, because not only can assisted stretch improve flexibility and range of motion but is proven to treat pain/inflammation as well as reduce stress and improve sleep. These are such a key factor to a healthy individual and sometimes we only focus on movement through exercise but there are so many other ways that movement can be a game changer.  I provide a unique 1:1 experience in the comfort of your home, gym or office to show you how simple and easy it can be to keep moving! Assisted stretch is my specialty but I am able to offer more treatment options such as muscle mobilization/trigger release, cupping as all these therapies work in conjunction to reach your specific goals.  My mission here at Rays Mobility is to help you get out and do more of what you love through proper wellness practices.  Book your session with me today!

Our Services

  • First Time Client Assessment

    80 US dollars
  • 1:1 Assisted Stretch Session

    55 US dollars
  • 1:1 Assisted Stretch Session + Percussion Therapy + Bemer Therapy

    95 US dollars
  • 1:1 Assisted Stretch Session + Percussion Therapy + Bemer Therapy

    125 US dollars

Our Path 

At Rays Mobility, we believe that movement is crucial for living a healthy and fulfilling life. That's why we work closely with individuals to tailor our approach to their unique needs. Our Founder Rayshan started assisted stretching in 2019 and has been working in the Health & Wellness space for over 7 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise right to your doorstep. Our Goal is to help people lead healthier, happier and more active lifestyles and we are passionate about helping people achieve their wellness goals and creating positive changes that last.  Book your Mobility Assessment Today!

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Client Talk

Straight From the Source

"I've always been skeptical about assisted stretching, but after my experience with Rays, I'm a total convert! . Ray's expertise and personalized approach made me feel incredibly comfortable right from the start. I left feeling so much better!"

Deborah S.

Been looking for someone like this for literally 2 decades so the moment I saw Ray’s services, I signed up. Ray has been so amazing as he can read my body like no other. He actually taught me how to breath right.
After seeing him weekly, I no longer spend money on massages anymore as the results of doing consistent stretches has relieved my sciatic pain with long lasting results. I recommend this to everyone as part of their self care routine.

Micheal G.

"The mobility assessment process was incredibly informative. He took the time to explain how  my daily habits were effecting my overall flexibility. Offered a treatment plan specifically tailored to me. I was able to leave the session with a in-depth understanding on how I could improve my flexibility."

Cassie H.

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